Exhibitions on loan

The Raoul Servais Foundation has several exhibitions on loan for organizations throughout the world.

In collaboration with Les Musées d’Annecy an original exhibition was created in 1999 with the works of Raoul Servais. This so-called “large retrospective exhibition” brings a complete overview of the works of the film maker with numerous cells, story boards, study drawings, accessories, photos and of course video images. The exhibition can be set up in a venue of about 300 m2 to 800 m2.

We furthermore have at your disposal:
– a smaller version of the retrospective exhibition which also provides an overview of
the works of film maker Servais
– a small exhibition on the new short film “Tank”
– an exhibition on “Pigeons”: a fascinating exhibition on this WWI project in
preparation, with story boards, water colors, drawings and video editing with test

Details on transport, insurance, the placement, additional services as preliminary draft placement, etc are on request. Loan requests can be addressed to our foundation for a tailor-made proposal.

The Raoul Servais exhibitions were already organized in ANNECY, PARIS, GHENT, MONTREAL, BUENOS AIRES, TOKYO,…