Sirene (1968)


Monsterlike cranes reign over an inhospitable harbour as prehistorical reptiles. The only human being they accept is a lonesome fisherman. He is to witness a strange encounter between a ship’s mate and a mermaid. Imagination or reality?

“With Sirène I had to overcome the differences between the strongly stilised cranes and the more poetic appearance of the human characters. The splendid backgrounds by Norbert Desyn brought it all together.”


1968: “Silver Pelican”: International Animation film festival – Mamaia (Rumania).

1969: Grand Prize for Animation Film – Tehran (Iran).

1969: Film Critic’s Award: International Film Festival – Tehran (Iran).

1969: “Silver Boomerang”: International Film Festival – Melbourne (Australia).

1969: “Award Richard Declerck”, Grand Prix: National Film Festival – Antwerp (Belgium).

1969: Prize for best colour film: National Film Festival – Antwerp (Belgium).

1970: “Silver Hugo”, First Prize for Animation Film: International Film festival – Chicago (USA).

1970: First Prize: International Film Festival – Philadelphia (USA).

Technical File:

– Format: 35mm

– Colour

– Frame: 1 x 1.33

– Sound: Mono

– Length: 9’30”

– Original version: international – no dialogue

– Directed by: Raoul Servais

– Script: Raoul Servais

– Animation: Raoul Servais, Willy Verschelde

– Backgrounds: Norbert Desyn

– Music: Lucien Goethals

– Produced by: Absolon Films/Anagram, realized with the support of the Flemish Community


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