The False Note (1963)


A little beggar tries in vain to get an alms in a big city where everything is organised, efficient and lucrative. His barrel organ’s tune always ends with an impressive false note, upsetting the townspeople. Eventually the little beggar will receive a dream fulfilling gift.

“The False Note had the same characteristics as my previous film, but now with better animation, sound and editing.”


1964: First Prize for Animation Film, Benelux Film Festival – ‘s Hertogenbosch (The Netherlands)

1964: Grand Prix for Animation Film, National Film Festival – Antwerp (Belgium)

Technical File:

– Format: 35mm

– Colour

– Frame: 1 x 1.33

– Sound: Mono

– Length: 10′

– Original version: international – no dialogue

– Directed by: Raoul Servais

– Script: Raoul Servais

– Animation: Raoul Servais

– Music: Luc Van Branteghem

– Produced by: Absolon Films/Anagram

Contact/Sales :

c/o Hubert Frère Orbanlaan 502, 9000 GENT   BELGIUM
+32 9 3719852