‘Waf!’ or Workshops animation film is an initiative of the Raoul Servais Foundation. Since more than 30 years our workshops are monitored by an experienced team of animation professionals. Hundreds of children and youngsters, but also adults, have learned to understand an master the magical mysteries of the animation film making.

Also several professional animation film festivals regularly call upon our services to provide them with dedicated workshops, a.o. the International Animation film festival in Brussels (ANIMA) and Le Festival du Film d’Animation in Annecy (France).


The workshops are open to all ages starting from 8 years old. During the one up to five days workshops, short films are made for which all the creative and technical aspects are covered: script writing, character design, colour and background, storyboarding, animation, editing, sound and music, etcetera.



A workshop is a group event in which each participant has a personal item and responsablity to perform.
Each group is monitored by two professional animators, and is provided with a fully equiped computer and camerastand. Several animation technisues are used, such as pixillation, cut out animation, clay animation, 2D, puppet animation, etcetera.
During the workshops some basic handcraft and computer techniques are highlighted. In this way each participant understands that he or she can easily continue the animation experience at home, with modest and affordable equipment.


In the rooms of Waf! in Ghent. We are located in the Academiestraat 2. On demand we also give workshops elsewhere.


A Waf! can be organised during the school months as well as during holidays. Reservations and agreements to be made asap. For the organisation of your own Waf! click the following link, this will open a word document that you can download, fill in and send to waf@raoulservais.be.

application form

For any further query, our workshop coordinator will be happy to answer your requests:

Christel Degros – Coordinator Waf!
tel  32 477 – 76 11 65
mail: waf@raoulservais.be